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Trauma Recovery

Focused Training Pathway

Stage 1


Introduction to trauma, 

developmental trauma, trauma assessment, the impact of trauma and the recovery journey.

The course book is The Simple Guide to Child Trauma 2016

Stage 2


The impact of trauma on the body. Relational skills and activities to facilitate recovery and safety.

The course book is The Simple Guide to Attachment Difficulties 2019

Stage 3


The impact of shame and its relationship with trauma. Exploration of anxiety and depression and other trauma symptoms.

The course book is The Simple Guide to Understanding Shame in Children 2018

Stage 4


The impact of developmental, multiple trauma on the person. Exploring dissociation and complex trauma. 

The recovery map.

The course book is The Simple Guide to Complex Trauma and Dissociation 2020

The Trauma Recovery Focused Training Pathway is
Betsy's most popular training pathway

Trauma can be defined as any experience or repeated experience where the child feels terrified, powerless and overwhelmed and that challenges their capacity to cope.  It leaves an imprint on the person’s nervous system, emotions, body, behaviours, learning and relationships. What is traumatic for one individual may not be traumatic for another, but the degree of impact of the trauma is usually connected to the child’s ability to find comfort and reassurance from a safe and known adult in the aftermath of the experience.

We recognise that many children are unable to find that emotional connection and safe place with their key adult for numerous reasons, including the adult being unavailable or threats or terror of what may happen. The trauma recovery-focused culture is one where we recognise that we can’t make assumptions and we will never shame or blame anyone, because we don’t know what was going on for them. p21 Simple Guide to Complex Trauma and Dissociation (Betsy de Thierry)


  • The training is aimed at all on the children’s and adult workforce and is four days in total, although Stage 2 and 3 can be done as slightly shorter modules if absolutely necessary.

  • It is a course which is created by Betsy de Thierry Ltd Training and is the intellectual property right of BdT Ltd.  

  • It is suitable for: teachers, social workers, parenting support workers, pediatricians, foster carers, adoptive parents, police officers, psychotherapists, counselors, school nurses, those working with refugees, UAS, trafficked children etc and anyone working with children, young people, families and anyone who works with people who have been traumatised. 

Further Training

Complex Trauma 1

Recovery from attachment trauma.

Complex Trauma 2

Recovery from dissociation and dissociative identity disorder.

PTSD and Trauma in Adults

An introduction to the impact of trauma on adults and the recovery journey.

Stages 1-4 of the Trauma Recovery Focused Pathway are a prerequisite to

attending these trainings.

By booking a BdT training course you agree to our full Terms and Conditions.

Certificate in Therapeutic Mentoring

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