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BdT Consultancy for individuals, families, schools and organisations


Recovery not Management

Trauma Recovery


Specialised Help

If you want Betsy or her associates to support you or your organisation to become a place where traumatised children recover then contact her on:

What do we offer

Betsy and her associates offer consultancy for families, organisations who are struggling with children and their behaviour and emotions. They offer consultancy and assessments. They also work with schools who have their nurture spaces in schools, alternative education provision and with concerns about individual students.

They offer phone consultation, meeting with key staff, training school groups and whole schools. 

Betsy and her team specialise in supporting therapy teams who want to up skill to become trauma recovery focused and also schools who want to start or refresh their nurture spaces or inclusion rooms to become places of recovery not just management. They can support the staff in the room design, the activities and approach needed and they love to help with individual challenging situations and contexts.

In the last 12 years Betsy has consulted for families, organisations, local authorities and charities.

England, Kenya, Brazil, Honduras, Australia, Guernsey, Germany, Thailand,

Bulgaria, Greece, S.Africa, USA, Scotland, Holland, Ukraine, Iraq, Cambodia, N.Ireland, Jersey, Wales, Ireland, Colombia, Denmark, Singapore, Nigeria, Portugal, Spain, Belgium

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