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Announcing the
Trauma Recovery Global Conference 2025

Is Trauma Recovery possible?

For interpersonal trauma such as emotional neglect, domestic violence, sexual and physical abuse - What can we as multi professionals do to facilitate Trauma Recovery?


Betsy de Thierry invites you to save the date for this one day event, designed to equip professionals working with children, young people and families who have experienced Trauma and lead them on a journey towards Trauma Recovery.

In the morning we will have guest speaker Dr Graham Music and Betsy de Thierry delivering keynote, and in the afternoon will be a panel and other guests speaking about systemic change for this space!

Keynote Speakers


Dr Graham Music


Betsy de Thierry

Graham Music

Graham Music is a psychotherapist, trainer, author and supervisor. He is a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist at the Tavistock Centre where he has worked for over 20 years, and he has been adult Psychotherapist for about 35 years. Formerly Associate Clinical Director of the Tavistock Clinic’s Child and Family Department, he has developed many innovative programs, including setting up services in over 40 schools and a range of services working with the aftermath of child maltreatment and neglect. His clinical specialty for decades been understanding and working with trauma. He supervises and teaches nationally and internationally and has a particular interest in linking cutting-edge developmental findings with therapeutic practice.  His publications include  Nurturing Natures: (2023, 2016, 2010), Respark: Igniting Hope and Joy after trauma and depression, (2022), Affect and Emotion (2022, 2001),  Nurturing Children: From Trauma to Hope  (2019), The Good Life:  (2014) as well as co-editing From Trauma to Harming Others (2022).

More about Betsy de Thierry

Betsy de Thierry

Betsy de Thierry, MA, Consultant Psychotherapist, Trainer, Author, CEO of Trauma Recovery Global and BdT Training Ltd, and Founder & Chair of Trustees of the Trauma Recovery UK ( &


Betsy is an internationally recognised trauma recovery expert, psychotherapist with over 30 years experience, and pioneering leader within complex trauma recovery. Betsy has authored multiple best selling books on trauma recovery such as ‘The Simple Guide Series’, making topics such as Complex Trauma & Dissociation, Emotional Neglect, Shame, Creativity, Attachment Difficulties and Collective Trauma accessible to professionals and communities alike, giving language to those in need.


With over 35,000 professionals & students trained in 34 nations in the last 8 years, Betsy delivers powerful training in her BdT Trauma Recovery Focused Model to individuals, organisations and charities across a range of front line sectors, equipping them to facilitate Trauma Recovery.

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Trauma Recovery Global Conference 2025

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