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Train with Trauma Recovery Global

join over 35,000 people who are committed to making a change - one recovery journey at a time

  • If you are looking for training, it's important to start at the right place. Click the right option below and get in touch if you need any help with where to start.

  • The training pathway for Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counsellors and Therapists is a different route to non-clinicians.

    The route is as follows:

    1. Introduction to Complex Trauma (7 days)

    2. Advanced Training in Complex Trauma (10 days)

    Find more information & brochures below.

  • The training pathway for Parents, Teachers, Mentors, Pastoral Leads & all other non-clinicians is below.

    The route is as follows:

    1. Foundations of the TRFM

    Optional further training:

    2. Advanced Training in Complex Trauma (10 days)

    Find more information & brochures below. A taster day is available, and the introduction covers 4 days of the foundation.

BdT Trauma Recovery Focused Model (TRFM)

Betsy de Thierry's Trauma Recovery Focused Model (TRFM) is a pioneering psychological model that facilitates trauma recovery. The model enables those who care for the traumatised child or adult to navigate the recovery pathway with hope, understanding, reduction of shame, symptom reduction and life transformation. 

Interested? Book on for a taster day today!

Ready to Apply? Our team are ready to enrol you!

  • The courses run over the course of the English academic year and so they start in September /October and end in the summer.

  • Students and practitioners who have completed the full 28 days of training and complete a final examination will be featured as approved practitioners.

  • Betsy would really love to take the time to respond to every person individually and help where she can, but over the past 10 years she has had an increasing amount of emails where this just isn't possible - she wouldn't be able to do anything else! As a team we work with Betsy as she works to train up an army of people who can help respond to Trauma with hope - and as a team we think that is where she is best! For consultancy, you can email us at, and we usually work to create appointments within 4-5 months of enquiry. We know you may be desperate for help, and as a team we would love to help sign post you to resources and help where we can as betsy desperately helps to equip more and more people so we can see a nation changed by recoverying from trauma.

  • Yes! Head to resources to find a load of Betsy's books and print outs.

  • Yes! We can facilitate part payments, just contact for more details. Let us know how we can help!

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