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It is the most amazing course I have attended. It makes so much sense to me now when children are displaying certain behaviours, I can relate the behaviour to the course.

CTM Student


Why train with Betsy Training UK & Trauma Recovery Global?

1. World leading training from Betsy de Thierry, and the Trauma Recovery Global Associates. Click here for to see who Betsy's has trained, with her 30 years of experience in leading people and organisations into becoming Trauma Aware, Trauma Informed & into Trauma Recovery.y.


2. Trauma Informed doesn't lead you in recovery, but The Trauma Recovery Focused Model does. This course will really enable you to identify & help traumatised Children & Families recovery from trauma. Betsy's Trauma Recovery Framework Model is pioneering. Clinicians saw a 97% recovery rate, when the model was used in the Trauma Recovery Centres (research sample between 2012-2019).

2. Seriously engaging, live training! Betsy is widely regarded as one of the most engaging Trauma specialist trainers, and her Associates are required to follow her! With in person training & online training available, students will have opportunity to ask about individuals they work with - the training comes alive. 

4. You are investing in a trusted course & resource, which has been evolving and growing for over 12 years.

Course Objectives

Certificate in
Trauma Recovery

Enabling traumatised children and families to recover from trauma
Equipping you to become a Therapeutic Mentor

Headteacher - Oxford, 2019

""It opens up the whole subject, increasing understanding, reducing fear, increasing tolerance and promoting ways of possibilities of recovery."

Social Worker South Gloucestershire, 2021

"EMPOWERING. Fantastic informative course which has empowered me to understand further children who have experienced trauma and how best to support them"

Adoptive Parent, 2011

 ​ "Very informative without being boring. Betsy is a fantastic speaker and explains everything in terms everyone should be able to understand"

This 11 day course is designed to up-skill people working with young people, families & traumatised children to facilitate trauma recovery. It will equip you with the skills, understanding of neuroscience and tools to use in just 10 days.

The course was developed by Betsy de Thierry in response to the need to create teams of qualified professionals working around the traumatised child and young person to bring recovery and restoration. This course equips the adult to help others recover from trauma.

Our global mission

Our mission is to bring recovery to children, young people and their families. This will change generational behaviour patterns and bring restoration to whole communities.

Training up trauma recovery nurses who work alongside consultants and doctors

In the medical world there are first aiders (everywhere), nurses, doctors and specialists. Yet this valued diversity of skill doesn’t seem to be in the therapeutic world. As such this therapeutic mentoring course is planned to train an army of people to respond as nurses to traumatised people to work alongside the doctors and specialists and so respond to the urgent need to facilitate recovery to many.

Who are the students

We have students who are teachers, TA's, learning mentors, social workers, school behaviour consultants, educational psychologists, paediatricians headteachers. SENCO's, art therapists, play therapists, psychotherapists, school counsellors, artists, dancers, adoptive parents, foster parents and many others and 100% have said that they recommend the course to EVERYONE WHO WORKS WITH CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE.

Join the course that many have described as 'life changing'
for the brochure and application form & join over 35,000 people who are committed to making a change - one recovery journey at a time.
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