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Trauma Recovery Training

& Consultancy

Equipping Professionals. Restoring Hope

Trauma Recovery Global is a trusted & tested

international training provider.

Course Attendee 2021

"Your work is inspirational and your kindness and knowledge speak volumes.

I am so grateful that i could attend the training course. It has changed me personally and impacted me professionally. "

Asylum Project Worker 2021

"Thanks for a super course Betsy! Your work and passion will live on and hopefully like a ripple effect, we will see more positive practices taking place with all our vulnerable children and young people. #Healchildrenhealthworld."

School 2021

"I just wanted to pass on a huge thank you from all the staff. Everyone was truly buzzing after the session you delivered. It was/you are so engaging! It was highly relevant, hugely interesting and I really liked the way you empowered us to make change."

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Trauma Recovery Global

Betsy de Thierry is a highly specialized trauma recovery consultant; psychotherapist, trainer and charity founder


Having established the Trauma Recovery Focused Model, Betsy trains and supports a number of individuals, groups, organisations and charities that work to support children and families who have experienced trauma.


Over the past 8 years, 35,000 professionals have enrolled in her training across 34 nations.  

The BdT Trauma Recovery Focused Model provides specialist training that enables organisations & professionals to understand the nature of trauma recovery work and is effective in equipping individuals to use tools and strategies which enable recovery. Further to this, Betsy also licenses the Trauma Recovery Focused Model to organizations that partner with her to adopt the model.

The Continuum of Role for Trauma Recovery (de Thierry, 2023)

The continuum was developed to help the most traumatised people in our nations find the help they need and also has the potential of helping the professionals working within mental health and trauma understand the importance of recognising the whole continuum of trauma impact- that ranges in severity. For many of us we need first aider and paramedics occasionally to help us process trauma. But when we need a doctor or a surgeon it would be helpful to have one who had that specific training and experience and is supervised appropriately.

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